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Who We Are

We are a different type of pediatric practice geared towards families who view their children’s health and well-being as the most important aspect of their lives.

The practice is different because we offer the “concierge” option to receive additional services that are not generally available at other pediatric practices or covered by insurance.

Provide Superb Service

  • All care is delivered by the same physician (Dr. Sevilla)
  • Immediate access to the doctor directly calling his cellphone, secure texting, secure video telemedicine visits and same day traditional face to face visits.
  • Extended appointment times to meet the needs of the family
  • Minimal waiting at the office
  • We work collaboratively with families, respecting your culture and beliefs.

Maximize your child’s health

  • Personalized Health Plan created for every child with an emphasis on nutrition, stress management/emotional well-being and physical activity
  • Personal electronic medical record that YOU control, that aggregates all data from health related apps, wearable devices etc. to achieve optimum health.
  • Support and strengthen your child’s own unique healing system and only prescribing antibiotics and other medications when the healing system is not working appropriately.

Why is Xcel pediatrics Concierge plan better?

Traditional Pediatrics

  • Seeing multiple physicians/nurse practitioners
  • Short and rushed appointments
  • Difficulty getting in when it’s convenient for you
  • Not able to speak to your physician during office hours and waiting all day for a call back
  • Lack of emphasis on nutrition, wellness, disease prevention and behavior/stress management
  • Having to come to the office for “everything”
  • Behind the times with technology
Xcel Pediatrics Concierge plan


  • All Care is delivered by Dr. Sevilla
  • Extended appointments ( up to 1 hour) to meet the needs of the family
  • Same Day appointments always available regardless of the day of the week or time of day.
  • All calls, texts are returned immediately or within 1 hour by Dr. Sevilla
  • Annual personalized health plan created for each child focusing on Nutrition, Physician activity, stress management/ Behavior
  • Ability to get care through video visits, text, phone or face to face visits
  • All members get free access to an app that can provide a portable electronic medical record, and integrates with wearable devices and other apps that make it easier to reach health goals


Practice Closing

It is with a heavy heart that I need to inform you that the practice will be closing its doors on January 10, 2018. It has been really rewarding for me to practice in a model where I can spend time with families during appointments as well as offer direct availability...

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Tis the (Flu) Season…

As you know, we are fast approaching the seasonal influenza period. Here are a few frequently asked questions to help you and your family get through this year’s flu season. What is seasonal influenza? The seasonal flu is a respiratory illness caused by the influenza...

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Could your child live to be 110 years old?

What is a pediatrician talking about longevity? Isn’t this the subject of a geriatrics article instead of pediatrics? The answer is YES, and you, as a parent can have a big role in this… We live in extraordinary times! Thanks to medical, scientific and social sciences...

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23 minutes

A new study published this month in the journal pediatrics finds that children in the US spend a meager 23 minutes per day physically active during school. In an effort to increase academic time, physical education and recess have been cut out of school. This could...

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